Blue Plate Media

Philosophically, we’re different from other media agencies who play in the same sandbox.

At Blue Plate Media – we offer a unique and refreshing brand of creative media planning and buying that is up close and personal.  We dig in.  Grounded in research, we build from the inside out.  We develop an orchestrated media mix that integrates key consumer touchpoints while immersing your audience in your message.  We connect with your target where they live and engage them through a mix of relevant messaging.  This begins with traditional media, and extends into digital and emerging media  - including search, social, gaming, video and mobile.  But the plan is only the starting point.  We build in metrics for real-time measurability.  We provide bi-weekly client reporting that objectively communicates the effectiveness of your campaign, serves as a barometer for cross media charting, and lays the foundation from which to optimize the campaign based on performance.  Contact us to learn more.

Our philosophy is to maximize your media.
Through creative media planning & buying, and a watchful eye, we make your dollars work harder.