Toy Association partnership

Blue Plate Media Services, TA’s media affinity partner, is available to help you navigate the media landscape.  Call Blue Plate Media Services today to learn how to leverage this membership benefit.

Since 2004, Blue Plate Media Services stands tall as the exclusive media partner with Toy Industry Association.  Members reach out to Blue Plate Media for help… guidance…insight…advice…and direction on media planning, media buying, and brand building.

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Reach out to Blue Plate Media / Sign Up for a Media Session!

TIA members are invited and encouraged to consult with Blue Plate Media experts at no charge.  Blue Plate Media serves as your industry advocate, answering questions and demystifying the complexities of the media maze.  We offer a raw and unfiltered advice system designed to leverage your position in the market and offer advice that is in your best interest… not in the interest of the agency offering the advice.   You are now part of an inner media circle.

Submit your plan – Gain Valuable Feedback

Blue Plate Media offers a member-free consulting session.  Our team of media experts will arrange a general media session…and talk through your challenge.  Or, our team will reverse engineer your current media plan and provide valuable feedback to you and your team…strengthening  your plan while maximizing your media investment.

Sign Up For Media Alerts

Blue Plate Media provides media alerts and exclusive, opportunistic packages to TIA members, leveraging your buying power through TIA group buying.

Annual Blue Plate Media Lounge

Blue Plate Media hosts its annual Blue Plate Media Lounge at Toy Fair.  Fifteen minute media sessions are scheduled throughout the day, offering a valuable forum where you can meet and greet with leading experts in the kid space.  

Dallas Toy Show

Schedule your :15 Media Session at Dallas Toy Show with Blue Plate Media, at the convenience of your booth– letting your marketing experts pick the brain of our media experts.   No cost to members.

Leverage your TIA Membership

For more information on TIA member services, or to arrange your no-cost TIA media sessions, call a Blue Plate Media partner today.  908-918-0202 or email

For more information on the Toy Industry Association, membership benefits, and how to join, contact Bernadette Boyle, Membership Manager at 646 454-5585. Toy Industry Association:




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