Digitally Splintered

Consumers are bombarded by information overload. In the marketing world, the days of “spray and pray” are over.  Only relevance breaks through.  It doesn’t matter if your audience is 5 or 65; they are navigating their content from many sources…and screens.  You are not in control.  They are.  They control the countless content they consume and they are time shifting your media delivery.  They let in what they want…when they want it…and discard what they don’t want.  Your only protection from getting lost in the shuffle is a clear understanding of new media.  

Consider Digital Tactics:

Digital is an exponentially growing medium embraced by consumers, but often overlooked by advertisers. In a splintered media world digital advertising cannot be ignored. Syndicated research shows that TV drives to web.  83% of Moms search for a product after being exposed to a TV ad.  58% of Moms made a purchase after searching online.  Search engine marketing supports a well-rounded media schedule and guides the consumer along the purchase path.

Online usage is vast and varied, leaving multiple touch points for advertisers to intercept target audiences. Most Moms 25-54 go online daily with an average of 88 online visits per month.

Only email and search engines are used more than social networks by adult internet users. Now more than ever hand-held devices such as smart phones, iPods, tablets and e-readers bring the web to users’ fingertips 24/7 providing endless opportunities for brand messaging and engagement. 

Fight splintered attention with splintered messaging and create a balanced whole.  Deliver across a relevant mix of media and talk to your audience where they live, in their multiple information dwellings, and in a language they understand.  

Today, you can be smarter and make your dollars work harder, more reliably, and measurably, then ever before in history.  Don’t be scared of it.  Embrace it - and recognize that today’s splintered messaging is your opportunity to break through.

David Becker, President, Blue Plate Media Services

Published 11.22.11