You Play Like A Girl!

Did you know that there are approximately 112,500,000 females aged 21-54 playing casual games online?  Males and teens are not the only ones you would hear the desperate pleas of “aw, come on, five more minutes please – I’m almost to the next level!” Research shows that females are just as, if not more, avid game players than males. 

Women tend to play games online to provide stress relief, for mental exercise and also for convenience.  There are a variety of games available such as role playing video games, online games of favorites (such as Sudoku, card games), simulation games (i.e. The Sims series) and social gaming which provides games within a social network setting (i.e. Farmville on Facebook).  Regardless of what kind of game is chosen, females are spending a significant amount of time online at both work and home playing games by themselves or competitively against other players. 

According to, Games Girls Play, “While casual games appeal to everyone from pre-teens to old men, women over 35 are the most likely to pay for them…75% of those who pay for  casual games are women, and 72% are over 35 years old.  

So how does this affect your brand?

According to research (Nielsen @Plan Profile Report  Rel 1 2010), females that frequent ad-supported gaming websites ranked high against the following characteristics & behaviors:

  • Homemakers 
  • Purchased children’s clothes, shoes online in the last six months 
  • Purchased toys/non-computer games online/offline in the last six months
  • Researched parenting/family information online in the last 30 days

Additionally, studies show that Moms aged 25-54 spend an average of 75 minutes, 3 times a week playing games online.  According to Debbie Ibarra, Digital Supervisor at Blue Plate Media Services, “Advertising within the casual, female targeted online gaming space provides an effective way to reach and connect with your female/mom target audience during her leisure time.  “It’s not about pushing your message.  It’s about aligning and integrating your message in a contextual manner.”

Online games can be found both at dedicated gaming sites such as:,,, and can also be found as a major section on large, female centric sites such as, USA (TV) network’s site (aka USA Character Arcade), etc.

If you are interested in reaching moms and females in an engaging environment where they will be exposed over a long period of time to your product and brand, there are a variety of advertising options available found on these websites.  Custom games, product integration, sponsorships, high impact units such as site takeovers and/or fixed positions that feature several products are just some online branding units/tactics that can effectively align your product or brand with your online mom audience.

For as little as $25K, or as high as you can count, you can build an online campaign (banners, sponsorships, advergames, skins, pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll, game overs, etc.) that not only drives game play but drives  brand awareness and product sales.  For information and a free consultation on online or other smart, efficient, integrated media solutions that reach and engage with your kids- and mom-focused consumer, contact Blue Plate Media Services 908-918-0202;

David Becker, President, Blue Plate Media Services

Published 07.07.07