Top 10 Media Tips

Brands have to get down to the nitty gritty details of figuring out how to promote their new products in hopes of selling them in to major retailers.  Blue Plate Media Services has put together this list of Top 10 media tips to consider when crafting your media plan.

Don’t dilute.  Avoid adding too many elements to your plan.  Make sure you are achieving breakthrough levels with what you have before adding anything else.

Frequency, Frequency, Frequency.  It’s nice to have a national network and/or cable network on your plan, but not if you can only afford 3 spots.

Warm up the market with a test.  Plan to test your media before committing to a large plan.  The test, if done right, will show you how to fine tune your plan to achieve better results.

Digital.  The research shows more and more kids are spending time online.  Don’t miss a chance to reach them in highly targeted environments.

Integrate.  TV works at building awareness, but TV and online work even better, especially when the TV is driving to an opportunity to experience the brand online.

Engage!  Try to incorporate ways for kids to engage with your brand, whether it’s through a sweepstakes, a game or a contest.  Inviting kids to try your product is always better than just showing them a spot.

Go local!  National isn’t always the way to go.  Build a strong local market plan that supports key distributors rather than spreading yourself too think nationally.

See where you competitors…aren’t.  Try to dominate an area where your competitors aren’t advertising.  If they’re on TV – try radio.  If they own fourth quarter, try advertising during another period where you can have share of voice.

Explore!  There are a lot of innovative ways to reach and connect with kids, whether it’s online, social networks, in-school, via broadband or with apps.

Ask around.  Feel free to reach out to Blue Plate Media Services for a media consultation. 

David Becker, President, Blue Plate Media Services

Published 10.13.09