Attention marketers --- Your audience is distracted!  Their attention is pushed and pulled and the only way to reach them in this frenetic, screen hopping, tech-driven world is by crouching in the trenches, splintering your messaging and connecting with them, one on one, in real time…their time.  The young consumer is moving fast…and not always where and when you think.  Today’s marketer needs to reach and engage their target consumer throughout their day…where they live…where they breathe… where they play…where they consume their product messaging…and when they are most likely to react to your offer.

Old school media planning alone is thin, irresponsible and does not embrace the varied media messaging tactics that are required to deliver today’s “ca-ching” returns your retailers demand.   We’re in a new age of branding and product push.  If your product is going to succeed, and register in the psyche of your young consumer, and at the cash register or shopping cart, you might consider broadening your media tactics…and splintering your messaging to reach and engage your fragmented audience at relevant touch points.   

Fascinating media patterns are developing and you can begin to see industry movement… and shifts in media behavior…as illustrated by shifts in media spending. Media spending when targeting Kids and Moms is changing.   Spending is more fractioned than ever.  Don’t get left behind.

David Becker, President, Blue Plate Media Services

Published 11.22.11