Small Units Pack A Punch

If reaching stay at home moms is part of your media mix for your ad campaign, and you need to go national but don’t have the dollars to justify a network spend, consider smaller (TV) units.

Consider :10 second ID spots.  These national, “Brought to you by” spots are affordable, provide reach and frequency, and will deliver moms during optimal dayparts and peak seasons.  There are many reasons to incorporate :10 second ID spots into your mix -- Use these spots to launch a new product, warm up the market, stretch your ad dollars, or add a national overlay to your print, cable or radio buy.  Advertise on programs like The Doctors, The View, Wheel of Fortune, and a variety of sitcoms and/or game shows that deliver your Mom audience through appointment TV.

There are affordable :10 Second ID TV packages available to you that make planning and buying :10 second ID spots easy and pain free.  And, eliminate production costs by using JPEG visuals with voice over copy. Or, you can produce :10 second spots using existing assets for a very low investment.  Amortize your costs by using these spots for your other small unit campaign, as outlined below:  

Repurpose your creative. Consider :15 second Pre-Roll VOD (Video On Demand).  Capture your targeted Mom along with their Co-Viewing toddler.  You pay per view.  While CPMs can run a bit higher, you are running against content that is super targeting your core of Moms w/Kids.

David Becker, President, Blue Plate Media Services

Published 05.07.09