See Spot Run...and Sales Climb!

Spot radio and spot TV advertising can be a powerful and cost-effective way to reach broad numbers and potential customers, especially during the holiday season.  Both spot radio and spot TV can help you hone in on a specific market or target area.  If you are a company trying to sell your products to a specific region or city then Spot Radio and spot TV advertising could be very effective for you.  In particular, Spot Radio can offer a variety of sponsorship opportunities that can be valuable to you and your brand, in addition to the on-air spots that the consumer can hear. This can be a very effective marketing plan during the holiday season when retailers are looking to capture the shoppers already in their cars on the way to the stores.  However, advertising during the 4th quarter also poses some challenges.  Jill Lesnik, a Media Buyer from Blue Plate Media Services says that “October, November and December are, not surprisingly, the most heavily competitive periods where many advertisers jump at the idea of getting their messages heard while consumers are in the “holiday spirit.”  

Promotions and remotes during these holiday months are even more effective than a standard buy, creating excitement and increased awareness to get the consumers involved with the brand.  According to Lesnik, “promotions such as playing your new game on-air, having the station air their show live from your new store and/or airing 5-10 second “billboards” alongside news and weather updates are among a few ways radio can add value to a simple on air campaign.”  Another most effective way of boosting recall and impression of your brand is to have a DJ mention your product live on air (called a Live Read).  

While many radio listeners are button pushers during commercial breaks, radio promotions help integrate your branding message into the programming, delivered by the stations favorite on-air personalities.   Promotions deliver an average of three-to-five times as much on-air media value as traditional paid advertising.  

While we might figure that radio and TV are older media that may be getting left behind by the Internet, just the opposite is happening. The crush of web-based businesses have moved to spot radio and spot TV to give them affordable, targeted advertising in specific markets. The great explosion of small businesses in the last few years is looking to radio and TV to give them a promotional boost. Take time to consider using spot radio and spot TV in your advertising mix.

David Becker, President, Blue Plate Media Services

Published 10.10.10