Cross Platform Your Brand

The concept of cross platform promotion in advertising has been bantered about for years - often leveraged by the big brand but unattainable by the mid tier.  Until recently, networks were more on talk and less on delivering affordable, integrated solutions.   In practice, networks were structured to sell one platform or another, leaving clients disconnected and scattering to negotiate individually, making it difficult to reach one audience with one message across all media.  Times have changed.  The term has migrated from the marketing vernacular into the media plan.   It has become affordable and has crossed over into main stream marketing.  If spending is tight and your fragmented audience is getting increasingly harder to reach, now may be a good time to leverage your dollars with a cross platform promotion.

Branding by Association

A cross platform promotion and integrated campaign presents you with the unique opportunity to directly associate and align your product with a branded character or programming pod.  

In essence, you are piggybacking on the success of a proven character.  You are leveraging your dollars against the might of an established brand and a highly engaged audience.

Follow your Moving Target

Kids 2-5, 6-11, tweens and teens, are consuming their media on the move – jumping from the TV screen to the computer screen to the mobile screen to the big screen, following their friends and their favorite characters along the way.  One medium alone will not reach and connect with your moving target throughout their day, nor will it provide the metrics to measure engagement and time spent. A cross platform promotion in advertising will capture and engage your audience on many levels, behaviorally following them, connecting with them, and staying relevant along the way.

Affordability in Advertising

Newsflash - The economy is tight.  Networks are fighting for share of dollar and are now packaging integrated, cross platform advertising opportunities aggressively, delivering robust, multi-media campaigns at rates that are at last attainable.  The networks are packaging seasonal sponsorships, integrations, gaming alliances, sweepstakes and a la carte media units across their platforms that brand your product, and align with your moving target, in ways never before possible.

Connect Your Audiences 

Cross platform promotions deliver the media might to connect with Kids…and their moms, as one provider often delivers programming reaching both audiences under a singular umbrella.  

When buying into a cross platform integrated program, be sure to measure the value of your buy against the cost of your program.  And be sure that the medium indexes high against your core demo.  Use CPMs as a media reference and common denominator to compare and measure the value of one medium against another.  Also calculate your reach, impressions, frequency and time spent with your brand.  

Lastly, seasonal sponsorships often present opportunities to take advantage of increased cross platform traffic generated by the network or content provider during key stunts or tent pole promotions.  Often, you can buy into fixed positions, or a Share of Voice % in fair rotation, with other participating advertisers.  Today, smart advertisers with tighter budgets can shop opportunities that allow you to split a sponsorship rotation with other clients, delivering the power of a sponsorship while amortizing total spending across the budgets of several advertisers.

 David Becker, President, Blue Plate Media Services

Published 03.07.09